The following Information gathered is from a variety of different groups. Workingteens.org is an information sight only. Some for profit and some non profit. We will give you a general break down of where the money generated from the sale of an item goes. The word (usually) will be used many times as some things differ from group to group.


Usually supervisors receive between 25%- 33% commission from each sale as they have a lot of overhead. An average day of gas usually costs between $60-$80. Driving most days up to 150 miles. Picking up, dropping off and supervising. Usually between $25-$80 per day are given in bonuses, trips and incentives. Things not included in the commission paid out to the participants. These are necessary to motivate and keep participants interested and involved. Most vehicles are leased for optimum reliability and dependability costing on average between $400-$700 per month. Most vehicles used are well maintained, new and are consistently being kept up with. A few other things supervisors might be responsible for are permits, licenses and insurance. 


Usually items that are sold cost between 25%-33% of each sale. Making sure the customer receives the best quality item and consistently. This can be a hard task in it's own. Most items have to be climate controlled and melt in summer and warm conditions making the cost for consistent damaged items a part of the 25%-33% used to pay for items 


Usually the participants selling receives between 25%-33% commission from each sale. This money is for participant to keep for their own personal needs such as clothing, food, or just plain personal items that might otherwise be things that parents might have a hard time buying. 

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